Azure 500 Infrared Western Blot Görüntüleme Sistemi

Azure BiosystemsGörüntüleme Sistemleri

Azure 500 Infrared Western Blot Görüntüleme Sistemi AçıklamaDokümanlar Azure 500 Infrared Western Blot Imaging System With the Azure 500, you have excellent imaging options. Two-channel NIR fluorescent detection enables multiplex Western blotting for more efficient experiments. Image and quantify two different proteins without needing to strip and re-probe your blot. Highly sensitive chemiluminescent detection delivers…

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Azure Aqua Transfer Cell

Azure BiosystemsElektroforez Seti

Azure Aqua Transfer Cell AçıklamaDokümanlar Azure Aqua Vertical Gel Running System Azure Aqua Transfer Cell The Azure Aqua Transfer Cell is used for transferring two mini gels to membranes for Western blotting experiments (wet transfer). The transfer cassettes and electrode core are colored for directionality which makes transferring easy and straightforward. Perform a quick, 1…

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Primary Antibodies


Primary Antibodies AçıklamaDokümanlar BioLegend offers the broadest selection of fluorochrome conjugates for multi-color flow cytometry. With an experienced biochemistry team, BioLegend is well positioned to offer a wide range of custom conjugation services to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our product expertise covers a diverse set of research areas including Immunology, Neuroscience, Cancer, Stem cells,…

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BlotCycler™ Touch

Precision BiosystemsPrecision Biosystems Cihazlar

BlotCycler™ Touch AçıklamaVideoDokümanlar Automated Western blot development and processing is at your fingertips! The BlotCycler™ is an Automated Western Blot Development processor that processes the blot through all washing, blocking, and incubation steps. All  you do is set-up the system with the required reagents. Then, program the appropriate assay. After that, the BlotCycler™ proceeds with the…

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