Infinicyt™ Analiz Programı

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Infinicyt™ Analiz Programı AçıklamaVideolarDemo YazılımDokümanlar One of the original objectives of the EuroFlow™ Consortium was the development of novel flow cytometry software tools for recognition of complex immunophenotypic patterns and multivariate analysis of flow cytometric data. In this context, Infinicyt™ includes innovative tools for analysis, integration and interpretation that make your flow cytometry data analysis:…

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Sayım Boncukları

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Sayım Boncukları AçıklamaDokümanlar Perfect-Count Microspheres™ is a microbead-based single-platform system for absolute counts, which can be used in combination with monoclonal antibodies conjugated with different fluorochromes. Its unique internal quality control contains two bead-types (A and B) that assure the accuracy of the cellsubpopulations absolute counts. Type A and B ratio disparity reports possible problems during…

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