AdvanBlock-Chemi Bloklama Solüsyonu

Advansta SarflarKemilüminesan Western BlotlamaTampon ve Solüsyonlar

AdvanBlock-Chemi Bloklama Solüsyonu AçıklamaDokümanlar Signal-enhancing Western blot block solution for the best chemiluminescent signals • Enhanced signal – greatly enhances Western blotting signals • Decreased background – decreased non-specific bands and lowered background • Sensitivity – get better signals for low protein sample concentrations • Convenience – Pre-made buffer means you save preparation and optimization time Description AdvanBlock™-Chemi is a novel blocking…

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Avant Buffer Paketleri

Advansta SarflarElektroforezTampon ve Solüsyonlar

Avant Buffer Paketleri AçıklamaDokümanlar Convenient, pure, fast buffer preparation • Quality – molecular biology-grade buffers of highest purity • Convenient – pre-measured powder in sealed pouches • Fast – dissolve and use right away • Standardized – guaranteed reproducible results for your electrophoresis gels and Western blots Description Advansta’s Avant buffer pouches are perfect for standardizing your electrophoresis and Western blotting applications. Dissolve…

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AdvanStain Scarlet

Advansta SarflarElektroforezProtein Boyama

AdvanStain Scarlet AçıklamaDokümanlar Fluorescent protein stain for gels and blots • Sensitive – detect less than a nanogram of protein per spot • Convenient – simple 3-hour protocol ​• Flexible – stain gels or membranes • Reversible – destain for downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry • No speckling – clean background for better data • Safe – biodegradable and contains no heavy metals for increased safety…

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Afyon SDS-PAGE Örnek Hazırlama Kiti

Advansta SarflarElektroforezÖrnek HazırlamaSaflaştırma

Afyon SDS-PAGE Örnek Hazırlama Kiti AçıklamaDokümanlar Kit for fast, easy concentration and purification of samples for SDS-PAGE • Purify – Remove contaminants that can interfere with electrophoresis (GuHCl, urea, Ammonium sulfate, etc) • Quick – Protein samples ready to load in less than 10 minutes • Safe – and non-toxic – no DMSO required • Compatible with SDS-PAGE and downstream Western blotting •…

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Protein Sample Loading Buffers

Advansta SarflarElektroforezÖrnek Hazırlama

Protein Sample Loading Buffers AçıklamaDokümanlar Pre-mixed standard Laemmli loading buffers for protein electrophoresis • Pre-mixed – just add an equal volume to your protein sample (supplied as 2x) • Obtain reproducible results with standardized buffers • Choose from reducing or non-reducing loading buffers Description These ready-to-use Laemmli loading buffers contain Bromophenol blue to enable visualization of the dye front and monitoring…

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