Blotting Sponge Pads

Advansta SarflarElektroforezKemilüminesan Western Blotlama

Blotting Sponge Pads AçıklamaDokümanlar Transfer sponge pads for more reproducible Western blot transfers • Resist compression – maintain proper pressure in transfer sandwiches without adding extra blotting papers • Retain thickness – can be reused over multiple experiments • Convenient – two sizes (8 x 11 cm and 9 x 15 cm) compatible with a variety of transfer apparatuses • Standardized – uniform…

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Advansta SarflarElektroforezProtein Boyama

Visio AçıklamaDokümanlar Sample-loading buffer and protein stain in one • Instant results – see protein bands immediately as electrophoresis proceeds • Sensitive – detect as little as 10 to 25 ng per band • Fast protocol – no different from standard electrophoresis protocols – replace your current loading dye with Visio and samples labeled and ready to load after heating for…

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Blotting Papers

Advansta SarflarFloresan Western BlotlamaKemilüminesan Western Blotlama

Blotting Papers AçıklamaDokümanlar Pre-cut paper for electrophoretic transfers • Convenient – pre-cut; work with most mini gel transfer assemblies • Standardized – uniform thickness for reproducible transfer • Tested – perform consistently without artifacts or background • Available sizes include 7×9 cm and 8×10 cm Description Advansta’s pre-cut Blotting Papers are ideal for use in transfer sandwiches and cassettes when proteins are transferred electrophoretically from…

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Fluorescent Western Standardization Blot

Advansta SarflarFloresan Western Blotlama

Fluorescent Western Standardization Blot AçıklamaDokümanlar Ready-to-image three-color fluorescent blot • Fluorescently labeled primary and secondary antibodies fluoresce in the red, green, and blue fluorescent channels (like Cy2, Cy3, and Cy5 equivalent dyes) • Convenient – an easy way to evaluate the performance of your fluorescence imaging system • Reliable – quality controlled, with lot-specific statistics provided for every blot Description A…

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AdvanWash Yıkama Solüsyonu

Advansta SarflarFloresan Western BlotlamaKemilüminesan Western BlotlamaTampon ve Solüsyonlar

AdvanWash Yıkama Solüsyonu AçıklamaDokümanlar Washing solutions optimized for use with WesternBright systems • Reliable – quality controlled wash buffer for reproducible results • Versatile – compatible with chemiluminescent and fluorescent Western blots • Convenient – save time using pre-made buffers; no more weighing, mixing, or adjusting pH Description AdvanWash and AdvanWash-IR washing solutions are optimized to work with Advansta Western blotting…

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