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One of the original objectives of the EuroFlow™ Consortium was the development of novel flow cytometry software tools for recognition of complex immunophenotypic patterns and multivariate analysis of flow cytometric data.

In this context, Infinicyt™ includes innovative tools for analysis, integration and interpretation that make your flow cytometry data analysis: multivariate, standard, efficient, sensitive and reproducible.

Infinicyt™ Features

EuroFlow™ Database Connection

Gives access to the EuroFlow™ databases, which are classified in Screening-Orientation, Classification Panels and Monitoring, and allow the specific applications: Automated Gating and Identification (AG&I) and Compass Classification.

Automated Gating and Identification (AG&I)

Provides the identification of all cell populations of raw files acquired using the EuroFlow™ standardized protocols for sample preparation, antibody panel and instrument setup. The software also assigns automatically the events to cell populations according to their similarity with the database allowing for a faster identification of abnormal cells. The software can connect to the MM MRD and PID EuroFlow™ databases.

Compass Classification

Provides an orientation on the cell lineage by comparing the study sample with abnormal references helping users to reach reproducible and objective decisions. The software can connect to the ALOT EuroFlow™ database.

Automatic Report

The result of the connection to EuroFlow™ databases with Automated Gating and Identification tool is a personalized report with alerts, comments and conclusions relevant to each analysis.


The Clustering tool automatically connects and relates all events of a sample and divides them into groups (clusters) according to their relative distance in the multidimensional space.

APS (Automatic Population Separator)

The APS diagram, based on PCA algorithms, maximizes antibody panel potential by automatically separating out cell clusters based on their immunophenotype. The APS considers all parameters for the best separation possible providing parameter significance information for this segregation.

File Merge

Infinicyt™ allows combining several files into one file to perform global analysis and straightforward data interpretation.

Reference Image

The Reference Image is a useful tool whereby images and statistics from a specific condition can be stored and later loaded for comparison with a future case study.


The Maturation tool is especially designed for the study of variations in expression of different markers within different cell stages and their comparison with established normal patterns.


The Compass tool has been designed to allow the comparison of a sample against your own reference database (composed of known cases) in order to orientate towards a panel.

Calculate Data

The Calculate Data feature allows the calculation of parameters not actually measured for individual events in every tube. This specially designed algorithm uses common marker expression within phenotypically similar cells from different tubes of an antibody panel to extrapolate non-measured parameter data.

Offline Compensation

The user can perform an automatic (offline) compensation using compensation controls including unstained sample.

Diagrams and Representations

Infinicyt™ offers an extensive variety of diagrams to represent and interpret multidimensional flow cytometry data in high resolution.


Statistics can be configured and exported in csv format, compatible with most statistical software packages.

Batch Analysis

Batch Analysis is a powerful tool that allows automatic processing of multiple files through the configuration of different actions (analysis strategy application, statistics exporting, etc).

Report and Connection to LIS

A customized Report can be designed to summarize data analysis, including live-updating text (keywords) and personalized comments. A customized Report can be saved in XML format so it can be linked to a Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Compatibility With Different Types of Cytometers

Infinicyt reads FCS files from cytometers that follow the FCS standard 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1. Try analyzing your own files by opening them with our Infinicyt demo version.

EuroFlow™ Databases

ALOT: Automated Gating and Identification + Compass Classification


CTPC: Automated Gating and Identification


MM-MRD: Automated Gating and Identification


LST: Automated Gating and Identification


PIDOT: Automated Gating and Identification



Infinicyt™ 2.0: Get Started




Profile Configuration


Analysis Strategy and Reference Image






File Merge


Calculate Data






Offline Compensation


Export Files


Compass tool

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