Lymphoclonal™ is a 4-color antibody mixture aimed to study lymphocyte subsets and determine clonality of B-cells in peripheral blood, bone marrow and other body fluids.

Lymphoclonal™ is a rapid, effective and reliable combination for initial screening of lymphocyte subsets which permits the identification of total T-cells (CD3+), B-cells (CD19+) and NK-cells (CD3- CD56+) as well as helper (CD3+ CD4+) and cytotoxic (CD3+ CD8+) T-cell subsets, and B-cell subsets with light chain immunophenotype Kappa (CD19+ SmIgκ+) and Lambda (CD19+ SmIgλ+).

Lymphoclonal™ contains the following antibody combination in a single vial:

FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 APC
CD8 + SmIgLambda CD56 + SmIgKappa CD4 + CD19 CD3

The Lymphoclonal™-C antibody mixture contains the fluorochromes PE-Cyanine5 and PE-Cyanine7, instead of PerCP-Cyanine5.5 and APC, for its use with Beckman Coulter® standard configurations.

FITC PE PE-Cyanine5 PE-Cyanine7
CD8 + SmIgLambda CD56 + SmIgKappa CD4 + CD19 CD3
Lymphoclonal™ CE-IVD
Lymphoclonal™-C RUO

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