Plasma Hücre Antikorları

Clonalpath™ and Clonalpath™-Plus have been designed for an optimal differentiation between monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and multiple myeloma (MM) based on the percentage of immunophenotypically normal plasma cells. Pathological plasma cells can be differentiated from normal plasma cells according to their immunophenotypic pattern of expression of anti-CD19, CD56, CD45 and CD38.

Clonalpath™ contains the following antibody combination for the identification and characterization of plasma cells in a single vial:

FITC PE PE-Cyanine5
CD38 CD56 CD19

Clonalpath™-Plus includes anti-CD45 antibody that is very useful for characterization of normal and pathological plasma cells:

CD38 CD56 CD19 CD45


Clonalpath™ RUO
Clonalpath™-Plus RUO

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