Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria (PNH) is an acquired hematopoietic stem-cell disorder related to the somatic mutation in PIG-A gene (X-chromosome). This genetic alteration results in partial or total deficiency of all proteins normally linked to the cell membrane by glycosylphosphatidyl-inositol (GPI). Flow cytometry provides an efficient diagnostic test in which the lack of GPI-anchored proteins is studied on the major blood cell populations.

PNH Screening Kit is a 4-color reagent used to evaluate the possible loss of expression of two GPI-anchored proteins, CD16 molecule on neutrophils and CD14 molecule on monocytes.

PNH Screening Kit includes the following antibody combination:

FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 APC
CD16 CD64 CD45 CD14

PNH Screening Kit antibody combination can detect the existence of GPI deficiency cells with great sensitivity. Anti-CD45 and anti-CD64 antibodies allow identifying neutrophils and monocytes. Further evaluation of the loss of CD16 and CD14 in these populations allows the identification of the PNH clone in a fast and simple way.


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