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Perfect-Count Microspheres™ is a microbead-based single-platform system for absolute counts, which can be used in combination with monoclonal antibodies conjugated with different fluorochromes.

Its unique internal quality control contains two bead-types (A and B) that assure the accuracy of the cellsubpopulations absolute counts. Type A and B ratio disparity reports possible problems during sample preparation and/or acquisition, which might invalidate final results. A and B bead populations show different fluorescence intensities when excited by a blue laser (488 nm) that help with their identification in the analysis.


Product name
Catalog code
Status Size
Perfect-Count™ Microspheres 100
CE-IVD 100 tests
Perfect-Count™ Microspheres 100 (RUO)
RUO 100 tests
Perfect-Count™ Microspheres 50
CE-IVD 50 tests
Perfect-Count™ Microspheres 50 (RUO)
RUO 50 tests
Perfect-Count Microspheres™ CE-IVD

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