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Using the right buffers, solutions, and dyes can be critical for assay performance and reliable results. They can also serve as experimental controls, or can help prepare samples for downstream applications. Find the optimal buffers and dyes to complement your toolset, either as preassembled kits or individual reagents.

Dyes and Chemical Probes

Non-antibody dyes and chemicals can be used to detect cell health, death, and division. Monitor cell viability with our fixable Zombie dyes and Helix NP™ probes that permeate dying cells. Track cell division with CFSE and Tag-it Violet™ kits, which utilize dyes that are retained by progeny cells for quantification of cell proliferation. Use MitoSpy™ probes to identify and stain mitochondria in live cells.

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Cell Proliferation and Viability | Apoptosis and Cell Death

Buffers and Solutions by Application

Save time on experimental setup and preparation with premade and easy-to-use buffers for various applications.

Flow Cytometry – Gently fix cells stained with tandem dyes using FluoroFix™ Buffer, permeate cells for intracellular staining with the Cyto-Fast™ Fix/Perm Buffer Set, stain for transcription factors with True-Nuclear™ kits, and sensitively detect phosphorylated proteins using True-Phos™ Perm Buffer.

Immunohistochemistry – Reliably prepare slides for IHC staining and microscopy using  Retrieve-All Antigen Unmasking Systems.

Western Blot – Utilize Western-Ready™ reagents, including the Western-Ready™ ECL Substrate Kit that provides high sensitivity and extended signal duration, to get accurate and reproducible results.

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IHC and Microscopy | Flow Cytometry | Western Blot | ELISA | Immunoprecipitation

Experimental and Instrument Controls

Veri-Cells™ are lyophilized human cells that can be used as flow cytometry controls in multi-center and/or longitudinal studies. They are available in a variety of formats, including cytokine-activated and CD4-low preparations. Browse Veri-Cells™ reagents.

Rainbow Calibration Particles are uniformly sized and have intrinsic fluorescence. Use them to monitor flow cytometer performance, standardize instrument settings, and evaluate new optics and filters.


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