CyFlow® Space Flow Cytometry

The CyFlow® Space is a bench-top Flow Cytometer designed for cell and particle analysis and absolute counting. It detects two forward scatter signals and one side scatter in combination with up to 13 colors of fluorescence and can be equipped with the CyFlow® Sorter for closed, non-destructive and non-hazardous cell and particle sorting.

The CyFlow® Space cell cycle analyzer is suited to a wide variety of applications; up to 5 user defined light sources can be chosen from a wide range of nine excitation wavelengths (355-785 nm).

CyFlow® Space

Light Source

  • Up to 5 light sources
  • Blue solid state laser: 50mW fix or 200mW adjustable 488nm
  • Red diode laser: 25mW 638nm or 40mW 640nm
  • Violet diode laser: 100mW 405nm
  • Green DPSS laser: 30 or 100mW 532nm
  • Yellow laser: 100mW 561nm
  • High power UV LED: 365nm
  • Ultra-violet diode laser: 60mW 375nm
  • Orange diode laser: 50mW 594nm
  • Cytometer Dimensions
    L 560mm x W 650mm x H 300mm


Windows™ based FloMax® software includes multiple online gating, logical gates, and color gating. N-color online and offline software compensation is another standard feature of FloMax® software. Data may be acquired with compensation or as uncompensated raw data. Either way, compensation can be done, undone, or changed after analysis on stored data. User-selectable statistics are calculated on subset populations identified by regions that are created by the user with easy-to-use drawing tools and combined using simple, logical formulas.
Other sophisticated features include cell cycle analysis and peak analysis. Custom reports are quickly and easily generated from the acquired data using the integrated, macro-driven interface with Microsoft™ Word and Excel. FloMax® data files are stored in FCS standard, and therefore, they are fully compatible with other commercial flow cytometry software.


CyFlow® Space Autoloading Station

  • (Automatic sample loading from 96/384 well plates)
  • High speed mode < 15 minutes/96 well plates
  • User defined cleaning and sample re-suspension
  • Start-up time < 2 minutes


  • 96 and 384 well-plates with V, U and flat-boom wells
  • Plates meeting the Standards (ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 through 4-2004)

Autoloader Dimensions

  • L 200mm x W 320mm x H 280mm
  • Cell Sorter
  • Closed sorting system for the CyFlow Space, which can be easily sterilized for sterile sorting
  • Any environmental contamination is completely avoided due to the closed flow system
  • Sorting action takes place smoothly and gently, so fragile cells or large particles (e.g.: plant protoplasts or islets of Langerhans) are sorted with minimal sheer force acting on the cells during deflection
  • Sorting input rates can be up to thousands of cells per second with sorting output rate of up to 300 cells per second.


  • Absolute Cell and Particle Counting
  • Cell and Particle Sorting
  • Microbiology
    • Yeast viability and Fermentation Process Control
    • Water quality analysis
    • Absolute counting of Bacteria and other Microorganisms
    • Viability of Bacteria and other Microorganisms
    • Quality Control in Dairy Industry & Milk Products
    • Marine Biology & Algae
    • Agrosciences and Aquaculture
    • Quality Control in Cosmetics
  • Industrial applications
    • Bioreactor Process Optimization
    • Quality Assurance in Food & Beverage Industry
    • Biomonitoring
    • Biofuels
  • Cell Biology
    • Cell Cycle and DNA Analysis
    • Viability and live/dead analysis
    • Cell Proliferation
    • Apoptosis
    • Cancer research
    • Toxicology
    • Cytokines and bead based assays
    • Cell Signaling
  • Plant Biology
    • Detection of Ploidy Level
    • Plant Genome Size and DNA Analysis
  • Multi- Colour Flow Cytometry
    • Leukemia and Lymphoma
    • Stem Cells
    • Platelet Counting
    • Leukocyte Depletion
CyFlow® Space Broşürü

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