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ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a simple, cost-effect technique performed on serum, plasma, cell supernatant, and other biological fluids to determine the presence of an antigen in a sample.

Sandwich ELISAs utilize multiple-well microtiter plates, coated with capture antibodies, to capture soluble proteins. The bound proteins are then detected with a subsequent detection antibody, which is typically labeled with an enzyme, or biotinylated and then followed with streptavidin-enzyme conjugate. A colorimetric substrate is then added, which results in a color change based on the amount of antigen captured. By using a plate reader and plotting resulting values on a standard curve, precise, quantitative values can be obtained.

BioLegend offers a variety of high quality, cost-effective ELISA kits and sets to measure cytokines, chemokines, and soluble biomarkers consistently and reliably. From our easy-to-use, all-inclusive LEGEND MAX™ kits to our ELISA MAX™ Standard sets that provide the core reagents, our selection of ELISA products meets the demand of ELISA beginners to experts alike at a very economical price.

High Accuracy and Sample Linearity of Dilution

The ability to accurately measure different quantities of a standard spiked into sample matrices describes the recovery characteristics of an ELISA. We collect recovery data for all LEGEND MAX™ Kits, typically tested in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant.

LEGEND MAX™ Kits also provide linearity results, indicating that at different dilutions of a sample, the results are linear with the expected concentration.

Biological Validation Data Provided

LEGEND MAX™ Kit manuals contain results from testing of in vitro biological samples, using biologically relevant conditions in which the expected cytokine or chemokine is produced. Normal serum/plasma values are also provided.

LEGEND MAX™ Kits and ELISA MAX™ Sets are designed for the quantification of proteins in cell culture supernatant, serum, plasma, and other bodily fluids.

Assay Buffers Cat #
ELISA Coating Buffer (5X) 421701
ELISA Wash Buffer (20X) 421601
Assay Diluents
ELISA Assay Diluent (5X) 421203
ELISA Assay Diluent B (5X) 421205
Enzyme Conjugates
HRP Avidin 405103
HRP Streptavidin 405210
Substrate Solutions
TMB High Sensitivity Substrate Solution 421501
TMB Substrate Set 421101
Stop Solution for TMB Substrate 423001
Assay Plates
Nunc™ MaxiSorp™ ELISA Plates, Uncoated 423501
Plate Sealers 423601
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