Magnetic Cell Seperation - MojoSort™

MojoSort™ is BioLegend’s magnetic cell separation system for the isolation and purification of cells from heterogeneous populations. MojoSort™ offers outstanding performance at an excellent price.

MojoSort™ Nanobeads are magnetic particles directly conjugated to antibodies (positive selection) or Streptavidin. MojoSort™ Isolation Kits typically contain a biotin-antibody cocktail and Streptavidin Nanobeads, intended to isolate an untouched cell population


Separation of cells can occur via “Positive Selection” or “Negative Selection” (also known as “Negative Depletion”). This depends on whether the bead-bound antibodies directly target your cells of interest (positive selection) or target unwanted cells (negative selection). Either way, both separated fractions of cells can be used for downstream applications.

MojoSort™ Isolation Kits Provide Excellent Purity

MojoSort™ Mouse CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit

A single cell suspension from pooled C57BL/6 mouse spleen and lymph nodes was prepared to isolate CD4+ T cells using the MojoSort™ Mouse CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit. Cells were stained with PE anti-mouse CD4 (clone RM4-4), APC anti-mouse CD3ε (145-2C11), and 7-AAD. Dead cells were excluded from the analysis.

MojoSort™ Human CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit

Human PBMC were pooled from three healthy donors to isolate CD4+ T cells using the MojoSort™ Human CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit. Cells were stained with PE anti-CD4 Antibody (clone RPA-T4), APC anti-mouse CD3 (UCHT1), and 7-AAD. 

In Vivo Data

CX3CR1+ Cells Migrate Back to the Bone Marrow After Adoptive Transfer

CX3CR1+ cells were isolated from C57BL/6 mice bone marrow using a two step separation protocol. Total bone marrow cells were incubated with directly conjugated Ly-6G Nanobeads to deplete granulocytes. After depletion, the resulting fraction was incubated with biotin anti-mouse CX3CR1 antibody followed by MojoSort™ Streptavidin Nanobeads, resulting in a population containing about 70% of CX3CR1-expressing cells. The cells were then labeled with CFSE and injected back into recipient C57BL/6 mice. Three days later, CFSE+ cells are found in the bone marrow of the recipient mice. Control mouse represents an animal injected with PBS.

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