VenaDeltaY1 and VenaDeltaY2

The VenaDeltaY1™ and VenaDeltaY2™ biochips contain branching microchannels for dual flow / dual injection of samples.  Ideal for studying chemotactic gradients, dual flow, multilaminar flow & diffusion.


• Disposable plastic biochips for studying chemotactic gradients, dual flow, multilaminar flow & diffusion.

• Suitable for brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescent microscopy.

• Suitable for cell-based assays with whole blood, primary cells, rare cells e.g. where samples are more difficult to retrieve or culture or only small sample volumes available.

• No assembly of the biochip is required unlike many standard perfusion chambers / flow chambers.

• No luer lock connections which increase dead volume.  Cellix’s biochips have a unique plug & play connection with tubing connections which are autoclaveable and reuseable.

Applications:  chemotactic gradients, dual flow, multilaminar flow & diffusion.


 Substrate thickness  0.5mm = 500μm
 Substrate material  High quality plastic, compatible with brightfield, phase contrast imaging and fluorescence microscopy
 Number of channels per biochip  4
 Height of channels  0.1mm – 0.12mm = 100μm – 120μm
 Width of channels  0.4mm – 0.8mm = 400μm – 800μm
 Length of channels  28mm = 2.8cm
 Volume of each channel  0.8μL –  2.69μL
 Volume of protein required for coating  10μL – 12μL
 Volume of reservoir to hold sample  0.1mL; also possible to connect via tubing to eppendorf if greater sample volume or high shear stress / flow rate assay is being performed
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VenaDeltaY1 and VenaDeltaY2 Teknik Özellikler

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