Vena8 Endothelial+

The Vena8 Endothelial+™ biochip is ideal for cell-cell rolling and adhesion assays on cell monolayers and cell culture under shear flow.  Ideal for use with PCR.  Compatible with brightfield, phase contrast imaging and fluorescence microscopy.


—Cell-cell rolling and adhesion assays on cell monolayers and cell culture under shear flow.

—Cells cultured within the biochip channels may be retrieved post-assay for subsequent studies (up to 320,000 cells); e.g. PCR.  Substrate is removed from biochip and cells are scraped off.

—Suitable for whole blood, primary cells, rare cells e.g. where samples are more difficult to retrieve or culture or only small sample volumes available.

—No assembly of the biochip is required unlike many standard perfusion chambers / flow chambers.

—No luer lock connections which increase dead volume.  Cellix’s biochips have a unique plug & play connection with tubing connections which are autoclaveable and reuseable.  Dead volume is at input port ~ 0.1μL.

Applications:  Flow assays using minimal sample volumes (whole blood, cell suspensions, proteins etc.); brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy.


 Substrate thickness  0.5mm = 500μm
 Substrate material  High quality plastic, compatible with brightfield, phase contrast imaging and fluorescence microscopy
 Number of channels per biochip  8
 Height of channels  0.12mm = 120μm
 Width of channels  0.8mm = 800μm
 Length of channels  28mm = 2.8cm
 Volume of each channel  2.69μL
 Volume of protein required for coating  12μL (e.g. fibronectin to promote adhesion of cells for culture)
 Volume of cell sample required for seeding  5μL; cell concentration = 15 x 106 cells/mL
 Growth area per channel  0.096 mm2
 Typical number of HUVECs cultured per channel   ~ 40,000 cells per channel
 Typical number of cells retrieved from one chip  ~ 320,000 cells per chip
 Volume of reservoir to hold sample  0.5mL; also possible to connect via tubing to eppendorf if greater sample volume or high shear stress / flow rate assay is being performed

Vena8 Endothelial+ Biochip Tutorial

Vena8 Endothelial+ biochip protocol. Tutorial illustrates coating of biochip with adhesion molecule (laminin) to promote endothelial cell seeding and culture. Tutorial illustrates assay with cell suspension (e.g. T-cell, monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, PBMCs, platelets, whole blood etc.) and analysis of data. Quantitate data outputs include IC50 curves of cell-cell adhesion vs. shear flow rate (mimicking in vivo arterial/venous/capillary flow); morphology analysis of cell adhesion and migration; tracking of flowing, rolling and migrating cells. Ideal for functional cell-based assays for cell-ligand and cell-cell interactions; preclniical drug development and lead optimization. *** NO AUDIO ***

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