Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell

Azure BiosystemsElektroforez Seti

Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell AçıklamaDokümanlar Azure Aqua Vertical Gel Running System Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell The Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell is designed for running 1–4 precast or handcast gels (cassette size 10cm x 8cm) for electrophoresis. The locking side fasteners provide a tight seal that ensure rapid and easy electrophoresis. The unit comes equipped with…

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MM MRD: Multiple Myeloma Minimal Residual Disease Panel


MM MRD: Multiple Myeloma Minimal Residual Disease Panel AçıklamaDokümanlar The EuroFlow™ approach to monitor MRD in MM by Next Generation Flow overcomes the current limitations of conventional flow cytometry. This approach includes the development of panels and protocols for the staining and acquisition of high number of events. Our kit has been designed to provide…

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AzureRed Fluorescent Total Protein Stain

Azure BiosystemsAzure Sarflar

AzureRed Fluorescent Total Protein Stain AçıklamaDokümanlar AzureRed Fluorescent Total Protein Stain Total protein stain for gels and blots Detect less than 1 ng of protein per band or spot with AzureRed Fluorescent Protein Stain. AzureRed is a quantitative, fluorescent protein stain for total protein normalization in blots and total protein detection in gels. It is…

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Azure Cielo 6

Azure BiosystemsReal Time PCR Cihazları

Azure Cielo 6 AçıklamaDokümanlar Azure Cielo 6 The Azure Cielo 6 Real-Time PCR system brings you the accuracy and sensitivity you need for your research, with intuitive touch screen software. Product Features Flexibility—Engineered for a wide variety of qPCR applications, with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range Intelligent workflow—Our user interface allows simple touch screen…

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Biyomoleküler Tarayıcı

Azure BiosystemsBiomolecular Scanner

Biyomoleküler Tarayıcı AçıklamaVideoDokümanlar Sapphire Biomolecular Imager The next generation lab imaging platform With most imaging systems a decision between application flexibility and image quality has to be made. However, the Sapphire Biomolecular Imager is a next generation laser scanning system which offers the best of both worlds; unparalleled flexibility with excellent sensitivity and image quality.…

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