TotalStain Q (PVDF)

TotalStain Q (PVDF)

Fluorescent Total Protein Stain for Blots on PVDF membranes

Accurate and quantitative fluorescent total protein stain to perform normalization of Western Blots. Blots can be imaged on both camera-based and scanner instruments with green channel or Safe-Dyes channel.

TotalStain Q only adds a short 20-minute step to your Western Blot protocol, between protein transfer and blocking buffer incubation.

TotalStain Q is compatible with subsequent Western Blot detection using chemiluminescence or Near Infrared (NIR) fluorescence.

The linear range between 1-50 μg of lysate makes it ideal for normalization of low-expressed proteins that require high loads of protein to reach the sensitivity for the detection of the target. TotalStain Q solves the issue of housekeeping proteins that lack linearity and normalization accuracy at high protein loads.


• Simple 20-minute dye-and-wash protocol
• Wide linear dynamic range across lysates of various tissue types
• Compatible with both chemiluminescent and NIR fluorescence

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