AdvanStain Ponceau

Protein stain for membranes

Quick – detect proteins in 5 minutes or less

Reversible – destain in minutes

Compatible – after destaining, PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes are ready for Western blotting


AdvanStain Ponceau rapidly detects proteins on nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes, allowing you to check the quality of protein transfer before proceeding to Western blotting.

After transferring protein from a gel to a PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane, incubate the membrane in the ready-to-use AdvanStain Ponceau solution for 5 minutes or less to detect protein bands. The staining allows you to quickly check that transfer was even across the gel, and determine whether there are any transfer artifacts such as bubbles, before you move on to incubate the blot with primary antibody. The membrane can be detained in minutes by incubating in water, and is then ready for Western blotting.

Figure 1. AdvanStain Ponceau quickly checks protein transfer and is compatible with Western blotting. Western blotting to detect solubilization of a protein of interest from inclusion bodies. Duplicate gels were run with the same set of protein samples and one (a) was stained with Coomassie blue. The other gel was transferred to a PVDF membrane and the membrane was stained (b) with AdvanStain Ponceau to detect transferred protein. (c) After destaining with water, the membrane in (b) was subjected to Western blotting to detect the 72-KDa protein of interest MW, protein molecular weight standards. Lanes 1-3, solubilized inclusion bodies. Lanes 4-6, insoluble pellets. The Western blot was detected using WesternBright Quantum HRP substrate.

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