LucentBlue X-ray Film

High sensitivity X-ray film for chemiluminescent and other blots

• Performance – excellent images when used with WesternBright ECL

• Value – sensitivity equal to more expensive films

• Flexibility – detect radioisotopes in addition to chemiluminescence


LucentBlue is a sensitive film ideal for imaging chemiluminescent Western blots and is guaranteed to perform with WesternBright™ ECL, WesternBright Quantum and WesternBright Sirius. LucentBlue is compatible with other horseradish peroxidase substrates as well as alkaline phosphatase substrates and radioactivity detection. In addition to Western blots, LucentBlue can be used for Northern and Southern blot detection, and other techniques requiring film.

LucentBlue X-ray Film Broşürü

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